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Bit announcement!

As many of you may know, Space Waffles is now a part of, and as such, they have offered to host the blog on their site.

The good news is now alls you got to do is go to to get to the site.

The bad news is it’s a new site (but contains all the old posts), so update those bookmarks!


Space Waffles #16 – Under Arrest

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Space Waffles #16

Here There be Robots #2 on sale at ComiXpress

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htbr issue 2

I just found out our 2nd issue is now available through ComiXpress!
If you have a copy, or have read it online, you’d be helping up out a lot if you write us a review.


Space Waffles #15 – Cold

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Space Waffles #15

Space Waffles #14 – Predicament

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Space Waffles #14 - Predicament

I’m back to drawing and I think this first attempt turned out pretty well. Space is hard to do and still tell what else is going on in the scene.

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I now have the domain name of
As you can see, there is nothing there yet.

Space Waffles is the newest addition to Nightgig, who have been friend of Random Pirate Comics for awhile now. They are the ones hooking me up with hosting, because they are rad like that.

We also have a forum, which you should check out.

Space Waffles #2 – This Way?

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Hey, I actually got the next one done before the weekend! Three huzzah’s for me, I guess. 😀

See you at Emerald City ComiCon!

*EDIT* – Fixed the typo in panel 3!