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The Mesopotamians

Posted in music, music video, They Might Be Giants, video on October 17, 2007 by spacewaffles

They Might Be Giants posted the new video for the song “The Mesopotamians“, about a band that never quite makes the big times.

The art is weird and fun.


Tesla Coil plays Mario/Tetris

Posted in Miscellaneous, music, science, video games, youtube on June 28, 2007 by spacewaffles

Ok, I’m not breaking any big news here, but I thought this vid was awesome.
I mean, a Tesla Coil playing video game music. Does it gete any more awesome?

Noise and a Beat

Posted in Miscellaneous, music on April 24, 2007 by spacewaffles

Geoffio and Jesse have just launched the site for their music project Noise and a Beat, being hosted as part of Jesse’s site.

The project was started to make video game remixes for the Dwelling of Duels contests over on VGMix.
Both songs can be downloaded for free on the site. I recommend checking them out. It sounds like they have some big plans in the works.

Noise and a Beat