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Bit announcement!

As many of you may know, Space Waffles is now a part of, and as such, they have offered to host the blog on their site.

The good news is now alls you got to do is go to to get to the site.

The bad news is it’s a new site (but contains all the old posts), so update those bookmarks!



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Last weekend we adopted a 2 year old male Siamese-snow shoe. Neither of us have had pets since we got married (I haven’t since I moved out at 19), and we had been talking about it for a few months.

We went to Pet Smart just to look at the animals, and we both ended up falling in love with this little guy. He is super friendly and seems to be adjusting very well to the his new home. His name is Bouncy Tinker, which is probably the strangest name I’ve ever heard. We’ve been calling him “kitty”.

Why you little!

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Angry Master Chief

Anthony and I were goofing around with Halo 3’s extra features. Like screen shots.

We made it!

Posted in Disneyland, Miscellaneous on September 16, 2007 by spacewaffles

21 hours of driving later, we are in Anaheim, CA.

Tomorrow; Disneyland.

Catching Up

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I just realized it’s been too long since my last update, so here’s what’s been happening with me;

  • I gave up trying to set up my computer to duel boot between Vista and XP. I decided it was too much of a headache, and I like XP a lot better. Also, it can run games. So I’ve reformatted and set up just for XP.
  • I still can’t get my copy of Photoshop to load. I’m currently trying to find a different copy. I think my disc is just old and scratched. Copy the disc didn’t alleviate the problem, nor did copying the data directly my hard drive.
  • I’m getting a new iPod tomorrow! I’ve sold my 4gb Mini to my brother-in-law and will picking up the 80gb “classic” on my lunch break.
  • I’m leaving for Disneyland on Saturday, and will be gone all next week. I’m very excited about the trip, and it’s also the excuse I’m using to upgrade to the bigger iPod. We’re diving with our good friends, the Bakers.
  • Yesterday after work, I parked my car in the overflow parking next to our apartments. I stepped out with the sun right in my eyes, blinding me, and walked full force into the legs of a ladder strapped to the roof of the van parked next to me. My head still hurts.

The Webcomics Podcast Network

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JT has just started up The Webcomics Podcast Network, which is a cool hub site collecting together all the webcomic podcasts he can find.

If you have a webcomic related podcast, or are a webcomic person that does a podcast of some sort, send him your link and he’ll add it to the feed!

Dancing Lackey

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Click to see Lackey dance!