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The Starskipper in Starslip Crisis: Alterverse War

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Our ship from Here There be Robots, The Starskipper, just premiered in Kris Straub’s Alterverse War.

Check it out here, and don’t forget to catch up on the story thus far!


Space Waffles #16 – Under Arrest

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Space Waffles #16

Here There be Robots #2 on sale at ComiXpress

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htbr issue 2

I just found out our 2nd issue is now available through ComiXpress!
If you have a copy, or have read it online, you’d be helping up out a lot if you write us a review.


Catching Up

Posted in Jonah, me, Miscellaneous on September 13, 2007 by spacewaffles

I just realized it’s been too long since my last update, so here’s what’s been happening with me;

  • I gave up trying to set up my computer to duel boot between Vista and XP. I decided it was too much of a headache, and I like XP a lot better. Also, it can run games. So I’ve reformatted and set up just for XP.
  • I still can’t get my copy of Photoshop to load. I’m currently trying to find a different copy. I think my disc is just old and scratched. Copy the disc didn’t alleviate the problem, nor did copying the data directly my hard drive.
  • I’m getting a new iPod tomorrow! I’ve sold my 4gb Mini to my brother-in-law and will picking up the 80gb “classic” on my lunch break.
  • I’m leaving for Disneyland on Saturday, and will be gone all next week. I’m very excited about the trip, and it’s also the excuse I’m using to upgrade to the bigger iPod. We’re diving with our good friends, the Bakers.
  • Yesterday after work, I parked my car in the overflow parking next to our apartments. I stepped out with the sun right in my eyes, blinding me, and walked full force into the legs of a ladder strapped to the roof of the van parked next to me. My head still hurts.

The New TV (in HD!)

Posted in hdtv, me, PS2, samsung, tv, video games, Xbox 360 on July 30, 2007 by spacewaffles

The old TV I bought back in 1996 when I was a high-school student working at McDonald’s has served me well over the years, but it was finally starting to die.

As many old TVs do, it was starting to develop a weird discoloration near the upper left hand corner of the screen. I wanted to replace it before it completely gave out on us, so it was off to Sears.

We ended up going with a Samsung 30″ CRT HDTV (1080i), since the flat ones don’t quite look as good to me, but have the advantage of being lighter and costing twice as much.

The first thing we hooked up was the Xbox 360, since it’s the only game system I have that is in HD and comes with a component cable.

New TV

I must say I was impressed with the fact that I could actually read the text on my 360 games now. The PS2 also looked significantly better, specifically Odin’s Sphere. It auto detected the TV was wide screen, which is very helpful since the game has such giant and beautiful high res sprites.

Once it was hooked up, all bets were off. The rest of the picking up of the house would have to wait.

Playing Games

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I now have the domain name of
As you can see, there is nothing there yet.

Space Waffles is the newest addition to Nightgig, who have been friend of Random Pirate Comics for awhile now. They are the ones hooking me up with hosting, because they are rad like that.

We also have a forum, which you should check out.

Me as a Simpson

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Jim pointed me in the direction of the Simpson’s Movie website, which has a create an avatar feature where you can try to re-create your self using a little flash program. The only problem was, there were no options for glasses, so I improvised.


*Edit* – I just found an article about several 7-11 stores that have done a full conversion to Kwik-E-Marts. Now that is dedication!  (Found via another wordpress blog posting about the Simpsons)