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Totally Nerding Out

Posted in Miscellaneous on April 28, 2007 by spacewaffles

I just found out the computer I ordered shipped today and I will have by next Thursday!

I am pretty excited right about that.


Space Waffles #5 – Who’s That?

Posted in Comics, Space Waffles on April 25, 2007 by spacewaffles

Space Waffles #5 - Who’s That?

I’m much happier with how this one turned out than the last one.

Well that was interesting…

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So I’m at work sitting in my cubicle when I suddenly hear what sounded like a marching band.

Justin, a sales rep that sits accross from me jumps out of his chair to check what’s going on and I hear him say “This way!”

Next thing I know, there is a high school marching band in our office playing “Lowrider”.

They were actually meant to be going to the next office over.

Space Waffles #4 – Dark Powers for Sale

Posted in Comics, Space Waffles on April 25, 2007 by spacewaffles

Space Waffles #4 - Dark Powers

Like I’ve mentioned, Sal is a bit on the gelatinous side, that’s why he’s going crazy in the last frame.

Noise and a Beat

Posted in Miscellaneous, music on April 24, 2007 by spacewaffles

Geoffio and Jesse have just launched the site for their music project Noise and a Beat, being hosted as part of Jesse’s site.

The project was started to make video game remixes for the Dwelling of Duels contests over on VGMix.
Both songs can be downloaded for free on the site. I recommend checking them out. It sounds like they have some big plans in the works.

Noise and a Beat

Turn your SNES into a Super Famicom

Posted in Miscellaneous, video games on April 23, 2007 by spacewaffles

Jesse and Kijan came over on Saturday night, and Jesse brought with him the excellent multi-playerstravaganza that is Bomberman 5 for the Super Famicom (they stopped releasing that era of Bomberman in the US at #2).

What’s that you say? You don’t have a Super Famicom, just an old SNES laying around?
Did you know the only thing preventing you from playing those import games are two tiny plastic tabs?

Jesse brought over his “official mod kit”, which was a pair of rusty pliers, the kind with the pinchy McCutting end, and we proceeded to “mod” the crap out of my SNES. Basically, just use some pliers, grab on tight to those tabs, and have your friend twist the SNES until they bust off.
You now have a working SNES/Super Famicom hybrid. Neat, huh?

I love it when a plan comes together.

Posted in Comics, Here there be Robots on April 19, 2007 by spacewaffles

Since I’m not the artist for HtbR, I can talk up the art all I like without feeling like a giant windbag. I like that.

I’m always happy with the quality of the art Jeremy produces for the series, but sometimes he really goes above and beyond in the level of detail and completely blows me away.

The most recent page is one of those times.

Htbr Issue 3 Page 14