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Space Waffles #2 – This Way?

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Hey, I actually got the next one done before the weekend! Three huzzah’s for me, I guess. ūüėÄ

See you at Emerald City ComiCon!

*EDIT* – Fixed the typo in panel 3!


Emerald City ComiCon: This Weekend!

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I just wanted to remind everyone that the whole RPC crew will be at Emerald City ComiCon this weekend.
We will have all kinds of cool stuff for sale (Comics, buttons, original art, posters, etc.) and even a nifty freebie! (3 skull logo stickers!)

So, be sure to stop by our table in the artist’s alley. We’ll be at table #194. You can find a map to the show floor here.

We’ll also have our DS’s on hand and will be accepting all challengers.


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I remember when I was very young finding a very odd show that aired on Sunday mornings on a UHF station called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
At some point it hooked me, and I started watching it every Sunday, even though they kept repeating the same few episodes.
Then it became an international phenomenon and the rest is history.

Last week the franchise re-launched with a brand new, fully CG movie and I was a bit worried. I thought that somewhere along the lines they would lose what made the characters so much fun.
Fortunately, my worries were not founded and the new film does several things very right;

First it didn’t spend most of the movie with an origin story.
This is a huge problem I have with most movies these days. For whatever reason, Hollywood gets so hung up on telling a character’s origins that we don’t get time in the movie to enjoy the character.
Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. We get it. Please move on.

They weren’t afraid to develop the main characters.
Another Hollywood pitfall when adapting an intellectual property. They seem so worried that if they change the character in any way through the course of the movie, people won’t like it. Stories pretty much all boil down to how characters are changed by the world around them.

CG graphics are way overdone these days, and mostly they look like crap. Hollywood likes it over traditional 2D animation because it’s cheaper. It still looks like crap in most movies.
The reason it worked here? They didn’t try to make the humans realistic. They picked one art style for the movie and were consistent throughout.
Thanks go to Pixar for showing people that is the way to do CG right in their movies.

Return of the re-hashed villain.
The villian in the story isn’t Shredder. Shocking I know.
Since he had already been killed off in the first and second movies, there was no need to keep beating that dead horse. Though I’m sure they’re planning on doing so in the inevitable sequel.
Most notorious in the re-hashed villains category goes to Lex Luthor in the Superman movies. I’m 99.9999% sure the people who made those haven’t actually seen a Superman comic. They would probably die of shock if you explained he’s had hundreds of villains over the last 60 or so years.

The movie accomplished what it set out to do; it was fun.

Space Waffles #1 – Brains?

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Space Waffles #001

A Thing of Beauty

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Giollante Ticket

Mike sent me this ticket he made for my band. I think it’s awesome.

This reminds me I need to start practicing more often.

A bit of a delay

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I was hoping to have the first Space Waffles strip up today, but something came up.

Yesterday had some unusually nice weather and I was forced to go to the first BBQ of the season over at Mike’s house. Forced, I say!

I managed to get home at a reasonable hour, and I would still have had plenty of time to finish the first comic.
I got the first couple of them scanned in, I started to play around with things, I even made the template for the strip so it will be quicker in the future. But I made one vital mistake;
I started experimenting with digital inking.

I ended up sinking¬† a lot of time into that, and didn’t get much done from that point onward. It was a good experiment, but for now I’m going to continue to ink them the old fashioned way. With ink.
The new goal is to have the first one up by the end of the week.

In other news, the buttons came in yesterday, so we will have those available at Emerald City ComiCon this weekend!

Pirate Bob and Jerry #1

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Pirate Bob & Jerry #1

This is the first attempt I made at doing a comic strip since I was in Junior High (early 90’s). Back then I used to draw a lot, but eventually I fell out of it.

I haven’t really drawn much since then, which is another reason I’m starting up Space Waffles; to get me to start drawing regularly again.
PB&J only has 2 finished strips so far, but if I think of more ideas for it, I’ll post them.